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If you or a loved one are affected by AIDS & HIV and are seeking help on any level, you are in the right place. We are the Panhandle’s AIDS & HIV assistance, advocacy, support, & educational source.

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Navigating through Living with HIV/AIDS

With over 50 years of combined Case Management experience, PASO Case Managers will dispel myths and fears about HIV and AIDS that you may have. With a Case Manager’s guidance you will be able to take charge, make decisions, and learn how to participate in your care and treatment.


Prevention and Transmission

PASO Case Managers will teach you how HIV affects the body, and help you understand current medical treatments for HIV.


We’re here to Help

PASO can provide a wide array of services to eligible clients. We look at the WHOLE person, and we create care plans that address the needs of each individual client. Assistance can be hard to ask for, but we are here to help if we can.  Don’t be afraid to ask!

Our Events

HIV/AIDS Symposium

April 12, 2019
Amarillo College West Campus
Lecture Hall A

6229 West 9th Ave
Amarillo, TX

Registration begins at 8:00 AM.
Session begins at 9:00 AM.

Friends of PASO

May 4, 2019
At the home of
David & Sarah Faulkner

Charles Davis – Honoree

PASO Turnabout 2019

November 9, 2019
Arts in the Sunset
Ann Crouch Event Center

Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Show Starts at 8:00 PM

Our Blog

What is PASO’s Turnabout?

What many residents of Amarillo and the West Texas Panhandle refer to as “the best party of the year,” PASO’s Turnabout is an annual fundraiser event that supports the services PASO provides to its clients throughout the year. The First Turnabout Show The first annual...

What Is the Annual HIV/AIDS Symposium?

In partnership with the South Central AIDS and Education Training and Amarillo College Center for Continuing Healthcare Education, PASO proudly hosts the annual HIV/AIDS Symposium. This educational event is an opportunity for professionals…

Living HIV Positive

If you have just tested positive for HIV, or if you are already receiving treatment for the virus, there are tools, people, and support that can help you live a long, healthy lifestyle. Understanding the virus and how it affects your body are important to taking the...

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