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Our History

The Panhandle AIDS Support Organization, Inc. (PASO) is a not-for-profit support agency.

PASO opened its doors in August of 1987 offering education to the general public and emotional support to those persons infected with HIV disease in the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.

Today PASO is a full service community based organization with a case management system which provides referrals to doctors, dentists and optometrists, therapeutic counseling, transportation, housing assistance, and support groups.

PASO became a Local Performance Site of the South Central AIDS Education Training Center in 2008. Our agency is committed to improving the quality of life of patients living with HIV/AIDS through the provision of high quality professional education and training.

Opportunities include in-house AIDS education programs, and a larger Annual HIV /AIDS Symposium through collaboration with the Amarillo College Center for Continuing Healthcare Education.

PASO also offers educational programs tailored to the needs of civic groups, churches, hospitals, businesses and the general public.

Funding for PASO comes from state and federal grant funds, private foundations and local contributions.

Who We Serve

1.1 million

1.1 million people are living with HIV infection in the United States.  

1 in 7

1 in 7 people that are living with HIV don’t know they’re infected (Nat’l avg)

25 to 34

The highest rates of HIV infection are now occurring among  persons aged 25-34.


At the end of 2016, 86,669 people were living with HIV infection in the state of Texas.

PASO Stats for 2018

clients served, 49 were new to PASO in 2018

received Case Management Services

received Outpatient / Ambulatory Health Services

received Food Assistance

received Nutritional Supplements

received Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance

received Housing Assistance

received Linguistic / Translation Services

received Transportation Assistance

received Mental Health Services

received Oral Health Care Services

received Vision Care Services

Happy Clients

“Everything was excellent. They did a wonderful job.”

“The staff here is great. They try and help you meet your needs.”

“The staff here is great. They try and help you meet your needs.”

“I sure think the staff at PASO goes above and beyond to help all that they can.”

“Thanks for all your help!”

“They do an excellent job. I have no complaints; only praise for them.”

“PASO staff…..SO sweet!”

“They are cool!”

“The Amarillo, TX PASO program and its employees are professional, compassionate and essential to my human journey to recovery.”

“Dr. Hudson is excellent. We see Dr. Hudson every 3 months, but if needed, she still sees us right away. Andrea, Ivory, and Dr. H are extraordinary and saved my life and my fiance’s life. Thank you all so much for EVERYTHING.”

“Everyone is always very nice and respectful.”

“These people are among some of the most genuine people that I know.”

“I thank them everytime I come in. That’s how grateful I am for the services I receive.”

“My case manager is very kind.”

Thank you for taking my comment. I am very happy with PASO.”

“They go above and beyond their work duties! They are very professional… and friends!”

“Anything I ever needed was done quickly.”

“The staff is always willing to help.”

“Very good service!”

“I am alive… they meet all my expectations.”

“I’m very grateful for the services provided.”

“Great team players at PASO.”

“FRIENDLY staff, VERY respectful!”

“I look for excuses to come here because after my visits I feel happy. My life, thanks to you PASO & Dr. I would not be alive. It’s a miracle beyond expectation. It is a very warm atmosphere.”

Clients Served in 2018

clients received Nutritional Supplements (Boost)

clients received Dr. referrals

Years of Service Founded 1987

clients received Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance



1501 SW 10th Ave.
Amarillo, TX

806-372-1067 fax


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