AIDS Education & Training

AIDS Education & Training

PASO became a Local Performance Site of the South Central AIDS Education Training Center in 2008.

We are a local performance site of the South Central AETC. Education we provide to clinicians, social workers, pharmacists, dentists, dental hygienists, helps them to better understand and treat the issues specific to individuals living with HIV and AIDS.

Our agency is committed to improving the quality of life of patients living with HIV/AIDS through the provision of high quality professional education and training.

Opportunities include in-house AIDS education programs, and a larger Annual HIV /AIDS Symposium through collaboration with the Amarillo College Center for Continuing Healthcare Education.

Dr. Arlene Hudson M.D. serves as PASO’s Clinical Director and principle educator. Dr. Hudson is also available for Clinical Consultations in an effort to improve clinical problem solving, and to impart the most up-to-date knowledge regarding specific HIV patient care. Dr. Hudson is able to address and explain a number of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Viral load & CD4 count
  • Diagnostic techniques
  • OI prophylaxis and management
  • Management of pregnant women with HIV infection
  • Resistance testing
  • Drug interactions & toxicity
  • Antiretroviral treatment options
  • Management of occupational exposure
  • Wendy Miller serves as PASO’s Education Coordinator

Complete online education and training and receive free CEUs. 

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For more information about PASO’s educational opportunities, please contact us!

Wendy Miller:
1-806-372-1050 ext:102

Michael Timcisko:
1-806-372-1050 ext:103

Ellie Saadat
1-806-372-1050 ext:112

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To receive free CEUs, watch the course of your choice in its entirety. You may search for a course number or course title. (e.g. Search “HIV/AIDS”)



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