What many residents of Amarillo and the West Texas Panhandle refer to as “the best party of the year,” PASO’s Turnabout is an annual fundraiser event that supports the services PASO provides to its clients throughout the year.

The First Turnabout Show

The first annual Turnabout show was in 1993, making the event one of the most long-standing fundraisers in the history of Amarillo, Texas. It raised approximately $500 in its first year and now receives approximately $40,000 per season. Over the course of its history, PASO’s Turnabout has raised over half a million dollars.  

About the Show

The style of the Turnabout show is inspired by “Cabaret” the musical…where “girls are boys and boys are girls.” Each year there is a specific theme to the show.

Performers at Turnabout dance and lip sync to music, while collecting tips during their act. Audience members may hand tips directly to the performers or place them in the containers surrounding the stage. All cash donations, like all funds received from Turnabout, go towards serving PASO clients.

Attendees experience a silent auction and a live auction at the event and may bid on items. These items are donated by PASO supporters and are greatly appreciated. Live auction items typically include the creative costumes adorning the performers of the evening’s show.

Performers in Turnabout

Many performers in the show have shared their talents and passion for multiple years. This dedication to the show allows audience members of PASO Turnabout to come to expect fun, entertainment, and an opportunity to mix with like-minded individuals who support the cause. Building a loyal audience to the show has also increased the number of loyal supporters and total donations to the PASO organization.

The unique and eye-catching costumes performers wear during the show are designed and created by the team. Performers participate in multiple rehearsals prior to the event. They perfect their style and delivery for their individual and group numbers. Anyone who is interested in being a participant of the show is encouraged to contact PASO.

How You Can Attend PASO’s Turnabout?

Individual tickets and tables for group seating are open for the public to purchase. Food and beverages are included in the price of the ticket. Underwriters of the event are appreciated and encouraged!

To learn more about Turnabout and how to purchase tickets or tables, please call Wendy Miller  at (806) 372 – 1050 ext. 102. We look forward to seeing you at the show!