Our Services

When a client comes to PASO with an HIV diagnosis, a Case Manager is assigned.

This is an important source of comfort.

The Case Manager will answer the client’s questions and provided support services.

Client services include:

  • Medical and Social case management
  • Physician referrals
  • HIV medication assistance
  • Oral healthcare
  • Vision care
  • Nutritional food assistance
  • Individual mental health care counseling
  • Support groups
  • Transportation assistance
  • HOPWA Housing and Utility assistance
  • Spiritual counseling

By guiding you through the broad range of community services available, PASO Case Managers will HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF.

With a Case Manager’s guidance, clients are able to take charge, make decisions, and actively participate in care and treatment. THAT’S IMPORTANT!

The Case Manager is an advocate, assisting the client and their loved ones as they deal with issues that often seem overwhelming. The Case Manager will provide accurate information to help…

  • Understand how HIV affects the body.
  • Understand current medical and health treatments for HIV.
  • Dispel myths and fears about HIV and AIDS.
  • Cope with the reactions and attitudes of others.